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Calandered PVC Film
Traditional Calendered PVC Film for Blood Bag


The main raw material of the traditional calendared PVC film for blood bag is medical-use PVC, incorporated with moderate amount of plasticizer, non-toxic stabilizer and other non-toxic additives. The production procedure includes plasticizing, calendering, embossing and cooling. The film has the excellent property in high strength and even thickness, and mainly used for traditional blood bag. 



1.    Product properties comply with standard of Q/GHPX 119-2009

2.    Biology properties meet the standard of GB 14232.1-2004

3.    The blood bag made from this product meet the standard GB 14232.1-2004

4.    This product has high strength property and low broken bag rate.

5.    Stabilized performance in even thickness, low shrinkage rate and size control.

6.    100 thousand level purification plant, and clean film surface

7.    Single- sided embossing. After sterilization, the blood bag remains permanent pattern and will not be sticky


Main  properties & typical value 
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