Where is the best cocktail bar in Melbourne?


When it comes to organising a party in Melbourne, bars in Melbourne have you sorted. But what we’re hunting for on this post is the best cocktail lounge in Melbourne CBD or other suburbs.

Melbourne cocktails are a huge component of Melbourne nightlife. Who do you vote as the greatest cocktail bar in Melbourne?


  1. I’m also giving my vote to 1806. Great team of people who are passionate about what they do, and it shows in every drink they make.

  2. The Everliegh above the old Dantes site on Gertrude street is amazing and well worth a visit. Eau De Vie on Malthouse lane in the city trumps all.

  3. I would definitely vote Der Raum. Also, Charlie’s Bar in Hardware Lane or Hairy Canary. Croft Institute is pretty amazing as well.

  4. Veludo in Acland St (St Kilda) is pretty good and not ridiculously priced. Some of the bartenders know their cocktails better than others but they have a good selection.

  5. There’s a place on Russel St called the Ice Lounge – it’s amazing! Really cold though. Anyway, there’s a cocktail bar above it and the bartender flairs like mad. I was there a couple of months ago so hopefully he’s still there!

  6. Polly on Brunswick Street. Awesome selection of cocktails and Absinthe’s (which they serve correctly with sugar cubes and an Absinthe spoon). They also have a nice selection of cigars.